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The electrical accreditation

The electrical accreditation is a regulatory obligation. It is based on the norm NF C18-510    

All the staff, who are exposed to risks of electrical origin during operations on electrical installations or in the neighbourhood, must have an accreditation from their employer based on the provisions of the norm NF C18-510, in accordance with the provisions of the articles  R4544-1 to R4544-11   of the labour code.  

The employer must makes sure that the employees are competent to carry out the operations given to them and that they took the electrical safety training in relation with the activity of the employee. It also applies to freelance workers.  

The norm NF C 18-510 recommends recycling every 3 years.  

We distinguish the accreditation for the electrician personnel and the ones for the non-electrician personnel.  For the first category of person, they must demonstrate skills in electricity or in electronic engineering to take the trainings (diplomas or professional experiences).  

We offer trainings that allow the employer to deliver several accreditation at the same time. On no account there will be a mix between accreditation for electrician personnel and non-electrician personnel, except the B0 / H0 accreditation which is automatically offer to both category of person.

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