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Created in 2012, CAPIOTEC was born from the desire to help manufacturers improve the safety of personnel carrying out maintenance work.

Based on the clear observation that around 43% of maintenance accidents are linked to faults in securing installations before interventions, we focused on this key phase of the work and sought to understand the reasons which push people to neglect the importance of this step.

Through the analyzes that we have carried out with our customers, we have come to the conclusion that Lockout-Tagout does not come down solely to the purchase of equipment but that it must be treated with a global approach including at least three components. :

  • The definition of an adapted organization with simple processes understandable by all 
  • The provision of means adapted to the organization and the equipment used 
  • Training activities adapted to each client

Over the years, we contributed, thanks in particular to our customers and our equipment manufacturing partners, to develop these 3 pillars. Our experience has led us to create unique methods and products that allow both better coordination of lockout-tagout and better quality while prioritizing simplicity.

Today these elements are supported by a 4th pillar: Digital.

This is why we now offer solutions for digitizing Lockout-Tagout Procedures.

Finally, thanks to the commitment of our members and partners we are continuing our R&D. Web tools and applications as well as connected equipment are under development and will be available soon.

The Capiotec Teams

“Make knowledge easy, make you want to improve”

Equipe Capiotec

What I like at Capiotec is working with colleagues who are convinced of the merits of the message we diffuse and the solutions we offer.


What I like about Capiotec is the freedom to put the game into training.

Ylies SELMI 

What I like about Capiotec is the human spirit and listening to employees and customers alike.

Céline ROUX

What I like about Capiotec is the complete autonomy in my work, the technical expertise, the privileged relationship with customers, and the flexibility of our organization.

Nicolas ENGLER

Our values

To contribute to your satisfaction











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​​Need help to (re)define your procedures? We create your ockout-Tagout procedures for and with you. We can also train your employees and provide you with all the equipment they need.