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Identification and industrial tracking solutions

Whatever the field (logistics, packaging, lean management, safetyty, electricity, etc.), identification, marking and tracking constitute an essential approach to reduce the risk of error, to gain in efficiency and to improve safety. Thanks to our collaborator BRADY, we are able to offer you lasting and quality identification solutions, and to assist you in the implementation and deployment of these solutions.

Solution idnetification repérage fils câbles électriques

Tracking of cables and wires

Solutions identification repérage d'équipements et composants

Equipment/Component Identification

Solution marquage de tuyauterie

Marking of pipes

Solutions d'identification de sécurité

Safety identification

Solutions de marquage au sol

Floor markings

Solutions d'identification de laboratoire

Laboratory identification

You want to be autonomous in the identification and in the tracking of your installations, we offer you a range of label machines and printers.

Etiqueteuses BRADY M210 M211 M510 M610 M611 M710

Portable label machines

You need to carry out identification and tracking as close as possible to the field, choose a portable label machine

Our selection of label machines

Imprimantes BRADY

Office printers

You need to print in larger quantity or on bigger tag format, choose office printers

Your need is specific and you do not want to invest in identification solutions; we provide you with the labels you need!

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You would like to initiate a program to track your installations and you do not have the resources (human, material) to do so, we travel with the equipment and do the work for you.

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Our collaborators

Identification and safety solutions at work

  • Marking, tracking, signs
  • Printers and portable labelling machines
  • Lockout Tagout equipment

Solutions for the realisation of electrical renovations

  • Protective equipment
  • Electrical safety equipment
  • Electrical renovation tools

Electrical measures equipment

  • Data recording devices
  • Measurement tools (voltage tester, multimeters...)
  • Inspection devices