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Electrical safety equipment

We offer you all the necessary equipment to carry out renovations on electrical installations in low and high voltage safely regarding electrical risk (EPI, EPC, VAT...)

Arc-Flash work clothes

Exposure to a short circuit arc can cause serious burns. To protect yourself against this risk, we offer you a whole range of Arc-Flash clothes meeting the norm IEC 61482-2

The norm IEC 61482-2  defines two types of tests: Test Box and Test Open Arc

  • Test Box : The cloth is exposed to an electric arc with a power of 4 kA (class 1) or 7 kA (class 2). The test is conclusive if the heat transmission cannot cause second-degree burns and the garment remains functional (seams not cracked, accessories such as zippers are still operational, etc.)
  • Test Open Arc : Test defining the ability of a garment to prevent a second-degree burn when it is subjected to a maximal thermal energy incident expressed in cal/cm². We speak of resistance to electric arc ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Value).

We offer different outfits (jackets and/or pants) going from ATPV 12 to ATPV 53. Click on the images to have more information on the products

Class 1 / ATPV 12 cal/cm²
Class 2 / ATPV 25 cal/cm²
Class 2 / ATPV 41 cal/cm²
Odoo • Texte et Image
Class 2 / ATPV 53 cal/cm²

We also offer high-visibility Arc Flash outfits as well as clothes like sweat, jeans, soft-shell with Arc Flash protection 

Class 1 Sweat - ATPV 12 cal/cm²
High-visibility soft-shell jacket ATPV 16 cal/cm²

Face protection

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