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LOTO coordination equipment (panels, tables...)

Matériel et accessoires de condamnation

LOTO panels

To facilitate the renovation management with Lockout Tagout, we developed panels which allow to centralise all the LOTO information and work done with LOTO. Visual management is a requirement with these panels. In a blink of an eye, you can tell if the installation is logged or in testing, who is working on the installation and which systems has been logged.

 1 cadenas 1 vie

These panels implement the principle "
One padlock = 1 life ", which consists in locking the LOTO done by the LOTO manager by everyone who carries out renovations on the installation (principle of the group lock box or "Lock Box" but more pratical).  The key of the padlocks installed on switching devices by the LOTO manager is locked on the panel by personal padlocks affixed by everyone carrying out the operations on the logged installation.

Panneau de consignation mobile

There are two models of panels: the panel  RLock®  and the panel ULock®. Both models are available in a fixed and mobile version. 
The mobile version has 4 magnets to fix the panel on any magnetic surface (fuses box for example). The panel can therefore be placed as close as possible to the work area, offering therefore significant time savings in the unlogging phases for testing.

Panel R Lock  ®

Panneau de consignation mobile RLock

More products

  • Fill-in LOTO sheet locked on the panel but accessible to log it at any time

Panel U Lock  ®

Panneau de consignation mobile ULock

More products

  • More intuitive key locking system 
  • Better organised padlocks
  • Additional LOTO easier to manage 

LOTO sheets

We build together the LOTO sheet (or LOTO certification) which meets your need. We attach importance to the fact that the sheets are clear, readable and quick to complete. We hunt down redundant or useless information. 

The sheets are generally double-sided; the back is for the management of testing phases which can occur during renovations; phases which usually poorly managed and where the risk of accident is high if the team coordination is not correctly ensured.

More information on LOTO documents

Fiche et attestation de consignation

Safety Lock

When you need to lock several systems in the same Lockout Tagout (multiple electrical LOTO, fluidic LOTO, both of them...), we offer padlock clusters consisting of safety locks and a lot of identical keys padlocks, where the keys is attached to the shackle.

A type RLock or ULock locking device is attached to the key to allow it to be locked on the corresponding panel. 

There are safety locks with 3, 6, 9 or 12 padlocks spaces. They can be supplied with or without padlocks.

Poignée porte-cadenas RLock

 RLock Safety Lock with 3 padlocks

Poignée porte-cadenas ULock

ULock Safety Lock with 6 padlocks

Custom LOTO tables and panels

According to your needs, we can make larger custom panel which can be installed in the control room or in posts dedicated to renovations management.

Panels can be installed on all the required equipment to carry out LOTO (padlocks, LOTO means, LOTO documents...)

Tableau de consignation sur-mesure

Magnetic LOTO table with integrated equipment

Tableau de consignation sur-mesure

Metallic table with storage bin + LockBox

Contact us, for the design of your custom panels


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