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Equipment and LOTO accessories

Lockout equipment is a important step in LOTO. It makes it possible to avoid any accidental or voluntary restoration of energy on an installation or equipment under construction.

We offer you a wide range of equipment to lock most switching devices (electrical devices, valves, sockets...)

When nothing is available on the market, we develop accessories to meet your needs.

Electrical lockouts equipment

Snail locker

The snail locker is light and compact device to lock a wide range of circuit breakers, from small home circuit breaker to NS type circuit breaker. 

Easy to install (without tools), the snail locker is the ideal accessory to lock electrical equipment.

Escargot condamnation disjoncteurs divisionnaires
Escargot condamnation disjoncteurs NS
on Verrou condamnation disjoncteur

Lockout Tagout bolt

Born from the difficulty encountered by customers in locking out older generations of circuit breakers (GV1), this device is also appreciated for its ability to lock out several motor protection circuit breakers at the same time, its size and its lightness.

Verrou condamnation disjoncteur

Valve lockouts

Given the great diversity of valves on the market, there are numerous locking devices which each have their advantages.

Gate Valve Lockout
Camembert condamnation vanne

4-Legged Ball Valve Lockout
Dispositif condamnation vanne à boisseau sphérique

Universal Valve Lockout System
Dispositif universel condamnation vanne

Multiple lockouts

When several switching devices need to be locked out in a same area, it can be interesting to use multiple lockout devices to avoid the multiplication of padlocks

SAFELEX Universal Cable Lockout
Dispositif condamnation multiple par câble

Cable Lockout with self-winding mechanism
Dispositif condamnation multiple par câble

Economy Cable Lockout with Cable
Dispositif condamnation multiple par câble

Group lockouts (Lock Box)

For those who would like to prevent the de-locking of an installation by having the switching devices locked by all those who carry out work on the installation (principle 1 padlock = 1 life), several devices can be offered:

  • Group lock box (Lock Box)
  • Lockout Safety Hasps

Compact lock box
Boite de condamnation de groupe Lock Box

Steel group lock box
Boite de condamnation de groupe Lock Box

 Lockout Safety Hasps
Machoire Moraillon condamnation

 Lockout Safety Hasps
Machoire Moraillon condamnation

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