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With more than 10 years of existence and more than 15 years of experience in the field of hazardous energies control, CAPIOTEC brings support, in a sustainable and responsible manner, in all projects related to the management of works and interventions (establishment of lockout tagout processes, LOTO standard, safety procedures, VLOP, work instructions, SOP, etc.) and in the development of the skills of employees.

Our leitmotif: Strengthen the safety of maintenance or upkeep operations in industry.  

Our Activities

CAPIOTEC brings together four activities to allow you to approach Lockout Tagout with a global or targeted vision, depending on your needs.

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CAPIOTEC brings support for Lockout-Tagout management 

We help to define organisational solutions and means to guarantee proper application of your hazardous energy control process (LOTO standard). Services from diagnosis to operational implementation.

Our teams also guide in drafting lockout instructions (LOTO Cards or lockout operating procedures) and ensuring the security of production operations.

We also work on drafting operating procedures for maintenance and production (SMED, etc.). For clear, simple procedures that can be used by all employees.

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Specific Lockout Tagout Equipement    

  • Design of lockout equipment, management and coordination of lockout
  • Supply of safety equipment for work
  • Marking equipment and identification of factory equipment

We have all the tools needed for safe Lockout Tagout : padlocks, signs, rings, labels, signage, protective equipment, marking, etc. The idea is not to encourage you to buy the a lot of equipment, but on the contrary, to find tips for using LOTO devices as little as possible.

We only provide the tools really needed, with the ability to customise them.

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Training: pedagogy and participatory tools 

In order to raise awareness and best train of maintenance operators, our teams have developed comprehensive training programs, both fun and operational.

Practical situation, “serious games”, card games: we have developed numerous tools specifically for training for complete and lasting learning.

We train your employees:

  • Lockout Tagout (OSHA 1910.47, NFX60-400, CSA...)
  • Electrical accreditations OPCO2i partner, with 0€ cost left
  • ATEX explosive atmospheres
  • Technical training

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CapLock : a skilled companion for lockout-tagout  

We have developed software to help you quickly manage and update your LOTO procedures.

For the digitisation of LOTO and the capitalisation of know-how with CapLock and MAX by MEDAE for Industry

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​(Re)define your procedures or SOP. Create LOTO instructions . Train your employees and provide them with the equipment needed