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LOTO documents

LOTO certification

The realisation of electrical work must be carried out without power. The norm NF C 18-510 imposes the implementation of a LOTO certification by a LOTO manager. The latter must be given to everyone who carries out renovations to confirm the installation has been switched off (locked out).

We offer different types of document to confirm the Lockout Tagout:

  • Standard or custom individual LOTO sheet (especially for the use of LOTO panels RLock or ULock) 
  • LOTO register
  • LOTO book

All our documents can be customised to meet clients' specific needs (company logo, certification content...)

Individual LOTO sheet

Double-sided LOTO sheet including testing phases 

Fiche de consignation

LOTO certification with detachable LOTO vouchers

Attestation de consignation

LOTO book

Book with 25 vouchers or LOTO certfication with 2 or 3 carbonless pages. Some books include one or two perforated signs tags detachable from the LOTO voucher.  

All our books include instructions and a summary of LOTO steps

Carnet de consgination

Find our documents in relation with Lockout Tagout


You want custom documents, contact us!


Signs tag

The norm NF C-18-510 imposes to report lockout systems, especially to identify the reason for the Lockout Tagout

We offer several models of standard signs tags on cardboard or rigid supports.

Cardboard signs tag

Bloc of 25 detachable perforated tags to report the lockout systems for the Lockout Tagout 

Carnet étiquettes signalisation condamnation

Etiquette de signalisation condamnation

Long time lockout tags 

Bloc of 25 detachable perforated tags to report the lockout systems for indeterminate time (dismantled installation for example).

Tear-proof laminated support for good durability over time

Etiquette condamnation longue durée

Rigid re-writable signs tags

Perforated tag on rigid PVC support with rounded edges (credit card format) with the possibility to custom the tag (text, company logo, photo...)

Carnet étiquettes signalisation condamnation réinscriptible

Carnet étiquettes signalisation condamnation personnalisées

Illustration of your LOTO procedure

To facilitate the understanding of your processes and your standards by all the actors involved in these processes, we create explanatory videos or summary posters illustrated in the form of a comic. Comics have the advantage of only showing essential information with a minimum of text. Your processes can then be understood by everyone, very quickly.

We offer different formats and media according to your needs and constraints (available place, nature of the environment...).

Affiche synthèse processus consignation

Summary poster LOTO process

Affiche synthèse processus consignation

Advertising banner of an illustrated LOTO process 

Affiche synthèse processus consignation

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