A4 ULOCK Lockout Tagout mobile board

LOTO management board allowing a locking of the LOTO by everyone who carry out operations on the equipment (principle 1 padlock = 1 life) The board includes, in the foreground, a display area intended to receive the LOTO sheet, and in the background, a space for storing additional documents (work authorisation, prevention plan, recording instructions, …). In the lower part, the board is equipped with a locking bar allowing the locking of the key of the padlocks used to lock the switching devices of the equipment (optional supply), thanks to personal padlocks affixed by the various renovation actors (optional supply).

On the back, the board has 4 “Anti-slip” magnets (rubber-coated magnets) to allow the board to be stored on any magnetic surface. The board can therefore be stored as close as possible to the work area (on an fuses box door for example) in order to limit the loss of time linked to the movements of the LOTO manager during the lockout and unlockout phases.

- Visual management of the Lockout Tagout
- Mobile board (can be placed as close as possible to the equipment to facilitate the management of LOTO with the various renovation participants)
- Easy cleaning (no accumulation of dust possible) - Additional easier to manage LOTO compared to the RLOCK board
- Possibility to carry out mother-daughter LOTO regimes with a physical locking of the regimes.

You would like to obtain information on the operation of the board, to design a LOTO sheet or to be assisted more broadly in the implementation of a LOTO standard adapted to your organisation and your specificities, contact us at contact@capiotec.fr or by phone +33 4 58 00 16 31

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